Top Ways to Increase Cash Flow on a Rental Property


As a property owner, you know that the success of your investment depends on your cash flow. But what can you do to increase your rental property’s cash flow? Here are some of the best ways:

1. Increase Rent

While it may seem obvious, raising rent is one of the most effective ways to increase cash flow. However, you need to make sure that your rental property is worth the increased rent. If you haven’t made any upgrades or improvements, it may be difficult to justify the increase. Your manager can help you understand your max rent potential through a professional market analysis.

2. Reduce Vacancy

Vacancies can be very costly for landlords. By reducing vacancy, you can increase your cash flow. Your manager can do this by advertising your property on multiple platforms, improving your property’s curb appeal, and responding quickly to inquiries.

3. Reduce Expenses

Reducing expenses is another way to increase your rental property’s cash flow. This can be done by negotiating lower utility bills, performing regular maintenance, and investing in energy-efficient upgrades.

4. Implement Late Fees

If your tenants consistently pay their rent late, implementing late fees can provide an incentive for them to pay on time. This can help ensure a steady cash flow and discourage late payments.

5. Offer Short-Term Rentals

By offering short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO, you can increase your rental income without committing to long-term tenants.

Cash flow is the primary goal of any rental property owner and utilizing these strategies in conjunction with a professional property manager can help to increase your bottom line.


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