Why You Should Invest In Real Estate During a Recession

While economic downturns often spark apprehension among investors, some sectors can provide a haven during these uncertain times. One such sector is real estate, particularly residential and rental properties. This comprehensive guide will delve into the reasons you should consider investing in real estate during a recession, along with practical tips to maximize returns and …

Why Rental Properties Are Still a Quality Investment Despite Rate Increases

Image Source: FreeImages In the world of real estate investment, rental properties have established themselves as a robust and reliable investment avenue. However, with the recent increase in interest rates, many investors are questioning the viability of investing in rental properties. This article aims to shed light on why rental properties still hold a position …

How Can real Estate Protect Against Inflation?

While mortgage rates have ticked up through Q1, hopefully cooling a scorching hot real estate market, this series of events is a shining example of why investors should take great care to protect themselves from these kinds of market forces, and how valuable real estate is as a protection against inflation itself.

Are We In A Real Estate Bubble?

The question of whether or not the housing market is an inflating bubble is one that tends to come up quite frequently when prices see a significant increase or the amount of transactions increase to a substantial level. It’s no wonder, then, why the current state of the real estate market, especially in North Texas, would spark questions, and even fears about whether or not we’re currently experiencing the effects of an inflating bubble. Today, we’re going to explore the intricacies of housing bubbles and lend some insight as to what the future may hold for the market.