Smart Home Technology: The Future of Property Management in Dallas/Fort Worth

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and smart home technology is the latest trend to revolutionize property management. In Dallas/Fort Worth, property managers are starting to incorporate smart home technology into their rental properties. This technology provides several benefits to property managers and tenants alike. In this blog post, we will explore how smart …

The Importance of Tenant Screening in Dallas/Fort Worth

As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your rental property is occupied by responsible and reliable tenants. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing a thorough tenant screening process. Tenant screening involves reviewing an applicant’s background, credit history, and rental history to determine whether they’re likely to be …

Make Your Rental Stand Out Over The Competition

As inventory levels rise and the economy teeters on the brink of recession, many real estate investors are pondering their next moves. While opportunities are likely to become available in the next phase of the cycle, one of the most important things investors can do right now is ensure that their occupancy is as high as possible. With potential layoffs ahead, it’s important to attract quality tenants and serve them well to maximize your investment potential in a changing environment.

The BRRR Strategy Explained

One of the biggest obstacles to building a real estate portfolio is how to finance properties without injecting a massive amount of cash, which can be infeasible and dilute returns. Enter the BRRRR strategy, one of the oldest and most dependable and predictable strategies to employ when looking to expand you single-family rental portfolio. Today we’re breaking this strategy down to show you can you can scale without the unrealistic capital injection.

The Market Is Flattening Out – What Does That Mean For Investors?

The real estate market in North Texas is finally finding some semblance of stability, as prices level out and fierce bidding wars subside. This is obviously good news for buyers, as rates have remained solid and inventory creeps up. Sellers, on the other hand, retain the benefit of a massive equity build-up over the last …

Recessions & Housing: A Quick Guide

As the major market indexes continue their downward trajectory and inflation creeps up despite swift rate increases by the Federal Reserve, many Americans are left wondering when we will officially enter recession territory and how it will affect their near-term futures. More specifically, many potential home buyers and sellers are wondering how the housing market will be affected by the looming economic contraction. Today we’re exploring the market internals and explaining the connection between recession and housing, and how it could affect your decision-making.

How To Find Deals In A Tight Market

The thought keeping many real estate investors up and night right now is where they’re going to find their next deal. Scorching hot markets, like the one we’ve been experiencing in North Texas, can be great for building equity and enhancing cash flow. On the other hand, it’s been increasingly hard to find new opportunities …

North Texas Homes Nearing Unaffordable Level

As the Fed hiked rates 0.50% on Wednesday, mortgage rates are still struggling to find their groove and react to a multitude of market variables. The hope is that higher rates will stave off price increase nationwide as homes, especially in hot markets like North Texas, approach unaffordable levels based on Fannie Mae lending guidelines. This has investors on edge about the short-term future and the implications of higher rates and prices.

Worried About Inflation? Buy Real Estate

Personal consumption expenditure prices rose 5.2% in March compared to the same month last year, according to the Federal Reserve. This comes as inflation adjusted wages fell 0.4%. While the Fed has promised more rates hikes throughout 2022, inflation is still rearing its ugly head in the American economy. This leaves most Americans wondering how …